Friday, February 29, 2008

Blackcape by Alan Kerr

Heres Blackcape by the brilliant,hotly-tipped and all round good bloke Alan Kerr.Alan,who also draws under the name Deadboy does his awesome comic strip KREEPY KAT over at and the equally great LUSI SULFURA( which will be appearing in Bad Press WASTED. Hes also got other great stuff up at his own site( We're big fans of Mr Kerr here at the Cape Cave and we implore you to check out his wares.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blackcape by Rob Miller

First up its Rob Miller,formerly of Scotlands last great comic KHAKI SHORTS.( SHORTS is no longer with us,sadly but Rob is busying away on some other projects that hes too cool to talk about.

Cape Interpretations

Introducing a new series where we get some talented folk to do their interpretations of Blackcape characters or their own Blackcape type scribblings.First one coming soon.

If anyones interested in doing one, email me at

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Colouring The Cape

Introducing the newest member of the Blackcape team, ARTMUNKI.
Mr MUNKI will be adding his genius colours to BLACKCAPE when we debut in the upcoming WASTED.

Blackcape sat down with the big man for a chat.

How things coming with the drab,broken world of Blackcape?You enjoying it or is it breaking your spirit?
A: I reckon I'm up to about a half ounce of baccy a night now, I keep running out of bourbon, and I think my eyes are starting to turn yellow, but other than that, it's a blast!

Whats the general thinking behind the colour scheme your using?
A: Drab, driech and miserable, to put it simply. I'm kinda trying to go for a fairly standard superhero colouring style, then taking the whole thing and soaking it in piss before leaving it to dry in a kipper smokery - y'know, a really wholesome, vibrant experience, fun for all the family.

As a colourist whats your influences?
A: I've come to colouring from an initial interest in digital painting, so my immediate influences are more in that area - the likes of Mess Studios Imaginary Friends Studio and Studio Udon, but I'm too bloody slow to do that sort of stuff in sequentials, so I've been picking up a lot of practical tips from the colourists at Hope Street (Jamie, Dom & Jim). Mind, I'm also pretty heavily influenced by soft drugs and last-minute panic.

Who do you like better,Iain or Fraser?
A: I'm scared to answer this, because either way I can see it leading to some mention of salty man-love, and that just ain't an appetising prospect!

Whats your all-time favourite bit of comic colouring?
A: what, like my favourite part of the process, or my favourite example of work? For favourite work, I really wouldn't know where to start - there's just so much great stuff out there, but I think just now I'm probably most into the X-title stuff that Christian Lichtner is doing with Joe Madureira . My favourite piece I've done myself was a Spidey pinup I coloured up for fun back when I first started playing with other folk's lines, and as for the process - I just love the whole thing! It's great when you have an idea of how to tackle something, and it kinda looks crap for ages, but then you do one last tone or a layer effect, and suddenly it all comes together the way you wanted it to. It's good when I get pages finished too, 'cause then they take the chains off and I get to empty the latrine!

Whats your dream project that doesnt invole fat,urine stained unemployed superheroes?
A: Well, obviously that's something of a dream in itself (y'know, that sort of dream where you wake up wide-eyed, coated in sweat and hoping that smell's from the cat), but other than that, anything that pays enough to let me pack in the crap day-job would be great! Failing that (cuz really, what are the chances), I grew up reading Marvel comics, so it'd be a bit of a wet dream to colour an official Spidey issue. It'd be pretty amazing to work on something with Sam Kieth as well, and someday I might even get around to finding time to do my own comic.

What else you involved with at the minute?
A: Right now I'm taking a well-deserved holiday in Belgium, but when I get back I've got a digital painting I want to get finished for submission to an artbook, and I'll be doing some pixel-art for a wee 2D side-scrolling sneaky zombie shooter PC/mobile game. I've also been working on colouring some submission samples for another chap at the studio (Tom Campbell), and I've been told that Frank Quietly himself is gonna do a cover for the submission, which I get to colour, so I'm really looking forward to that!

True or false,you gave JUSTICE artist extraordinaire Dougie Braithwaite a photoshop colouring seminar?
A: God, it actually sounds kinda impressive when you put it like that! But yeah, I did, more or less. He was visiting Hope Street the second time I was up there, and Jamie asked me to show Doug some of the stuff you can do with photoshop. I even got to play with Frank Quietly's personal Cintiq tablet to do it, too. I doubt Doug really learned much from me, but it was a lot of fun anyway!

What music do you like colouring too, or like the Blackcape guys do you prefer working to a soundtrack of your own tears?
A: I find other people's lament works better as a soundtrack - I've shorted out too many keyboards with my own tears, so I had to have my ducts cauterised (well, THEY told me that's why they did it). I get these really good tapes shipped in from Portugal, tho - I'll lend you a couple.

If a god is a dj is life the dancefloor?
A: aye, probably - and I'll be the bitter bastard propping up the bar.

Finally can you lend me a few quid till payday?
A: aye, sure - will you take an IOU?

WASTED updates coming soon.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Blackcape Do Kreepy Kat

Me and Fraser have done this weeks Kreepy Kat.
Thanks to Alan for allowing us to join the select company of Frank Quitely( and Jamie Smart( as guest creators on his baby.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Alan Grant Talks "Wasted"

by Shaun Manning, Contributing Writer
Posted: February 6, 2008 — More From This Author

January saw the online debut of “Wasted,” a new quarterly humor anthology from Bad Press Ltd. Edited by comics veteran Alan Grant (writer of “Detective Comics,” “Batman: Shadow of the Bat,” “Judge Dredd”) and produced in large part at “All-Star Superman” colorist Jamie Grant’s studio in Glasgow, Scotland, “Wasted” presents new and classic comic strips with an emphasis on drug culture and other variously rude scenes. Alan Grant and Jamie Grant (who are not related) have a history in the British underground comics scene, and have pulled together fifty pages of hilarity from established and emerging talent, all wrapped up under a saucy Frank Quitely cover.

The book will be made available both online and in print. CBR News had a chance to chat with Alan Grant about “Wasted” and the challenges of distributing controversial content.
"‘Wasted’ as a comic has been brewing for the past couple of years. As a one-time stoner, I have fond memories of ‘60s underground comics like ‘International Times,’ ‘OZ,’ ‘Fat Freddy,’ etc," Alan Grant told CBR News. "I wanted to give the world an updated version of those underground classics. There are reputed to be around 300 million marijuana smokers in the world. Our aim is to have all of them buying and reading ‘Wasted.’”

Grant offers the disclaimer that “Wasted” does not seek to promote drug use, but is rather about having fun with the trappings of drug culture. The humor plays with the some of the pitfalls of stoner life, and also with the absurdity of the War On Drugs. In this, “Wasted” is a direct successor to another counterculture ‘zine. "The first step was for me to get involved with ‘Northern Lightz,’ already being published by Jamie, Dave Alexander, Big Jim Stewart and Pudsey," Grant said, referring to the comic published in the UK from 1999-2004. "The idea with ‘Lightz’ was to start small and get larger with each issue, owing to word of mouth. It didn't work out, so we came up with ‘Wasted.’ It’s is a more professional version of 'Northern Lightz.'”

Several “Wasted” contributors are well-known names in the comics world, with many others new to the business. Among the established talents appearing in issue #1 are John Wagner, Simon Bisley, Frank Quitely on the cover, and Alan Grant himself. The editor indicated that “Wasted” will benefit from the creative system it has in place, and that work on the second issue is nearly finalized. “The major difference with ‘Northern Lightz’ is that we have proper editorial control now,” Grant said. “Also, Jamie's studio—Hope Street Studios of GlasVegas—has been heavily involved; writers, artists, colorists, letterers, everything except a personal stripper."

Bad Press, the new publishing enterprise of Mssrs. Grant, has also begun reprinting collections of comics such as "Dirty Dog" and "Tales of the Buddha," but unlike "Wasted," these will be available in print format only. "It would be nice to digitize the other Bad Press publications," Grant said, "but I don't know how practical it is. Yet."

The digital version of "Wasted" #1 is available to purchase now through for £2.00 (about $4.00), with what Grant calls the "terrestrial edition" to follow later in February. Don't look for it in the Diamond catalogue, though. "All the traditional distributors have turned us down owing to subject matter," Grant said. "If we're a success, they'll be queuing up to sign us. Meantime, alternative distributors have ordered 5,000 copies, which I'd like to see doubled before we publish.

"I'm very, very happy with the first issue. I think it looks great and is a funny read."