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Blackcape 45

WASTED gets Myspaced


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Blackcape by Craig Collins

Heres a great drawing by Craig Collins. Craig is a scientist by day, a comic writer and amateur
cartoonist by night. He has contributed a number of short cartoons to
WASTED with art co-conspirator Paul McCann and is working a number of
other projects large and small, stockpiling small press work for the
coming apocalypse in collaboration with the mighty talents of Curt
Sibling, Rab Thomson and Iain Laurie. Craig and Iain's OMNISCIENT ZORGO
will be arriving in your galaxy soon to insult and humiliate you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blackcape Gets WASTED Behind The Scenes 2;

By Fraser Campbell

Here’s the script for what turned out to be the first Blackcape strip for Wasted.

Black Cape Intro Strip:

Panel 1: A pristine young smiling superhero gets off the bus, stepping in to the fetid world of Blackcape.

Panel 2: From his POV. He sees a barren urban wasteland. A filthy masked Old Cape ambles towards him.

Panel 3: The New Guy addresses the Old Cape.

Hail fellow hero! I don’t mean to trouble you, but could you direct me to where all the crime is around here? I’m anxious to start doing good!

Panel 4: The Old Cape looks at the smiling young hero with utter contempt.

You got any money mate? Money for drink?

Money for Dri…well, no, no I don’t…

Panel 5: The Old Cape spits right in the new guys face.

Panel 6: The new guy wipes the spit from his face, horrified. He is now old, fat, unshaved his uniform torn and dirty. Maybe that’s a bit cheesy, I don’t know – you could always have him getting progressively like this as the strip goes on and maybe it even has more impact if he doesn’t transform, and is simply traumatised by what happens – your call – see what works visually.

As you can see, it wasn’t exactly a plot fest, which offers it’s own challenges – especially when you’re going for something that delivers what BC is about to an uninitiated audience. That at least was the intention of this particular strip. Iain and I normally “Marvel method” Blackcape – we both have ideas for concepts that we toss around, we decide on an idea, Iain draws it and I dialogue it later. Sometimes lain will just surprise me with a bunch of unscripted panels. So it was a fairly unusual step to actually script a strip out and it comes as no real surprise to me that the finished strip bears little resemblance to the script as originally written.

After Iain had drawn the strip, we made the new guy less heroic, added some lines, polished some lines and changed the content of the exchange a little without really changing the central idea. In the final strip, I of course also had to come up with something other than the cop-out I had for panel 6 in this first draft.

Blackcape 42

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Blackcape by Matt Pattison

Heres a tremendous drawing by Matt Pattison. Matts done editorial commissions but also design solutions, ad campaigns, character design and animation and stuff for The Guardian and The Fortean Times among others .Check out his fantastic work at his blogs;

Thanks Matt

Blackcape Gets WASTED Behind The Scenes 1;

With Wasteds publication imminent, heres a glimpse behind the scenes.
This is Blackcape/3 from Wasted Issue 2. The strip is a new version of our Archie Catastrophous strip. The genius that is Derek Dow has added "flat" colours,from which he will add the grim and grimey textures that will bring Blackcape to life.
More updates coming soon.

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Carpet Wolf Love

I just did this drawing for UK band CARPET WOLF LOVE
Check out their Myspace here;
..and immediately make them your friend and have a wee listen.


Blackcape 40

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Elph Service

Friend of the Cape,Elph is having an exhibition in Glasgow. The mans a total genius and I cant recommend his stuff highly enough, so check it out if you can. Hopefully we'll have a wee Blackcape Interpretation by him soon(no pressure,mate:).
Heres the flier.

Blackcape 36

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Blackcape by David Lupton

Heres a fantastic Blackcape drawing by the amazing David Lupton.David is a freelance illustrator living and working in Edinburgh who hasprovided illustrations for editorial use, children’s books, poster design, animation, and album cover art.
His illustrations have appeared in publications such as The Guardian, Time Out, Dazed and Confused, New Scientist, The Times, and The Independent.
He has also worked with various record companies including Virgin, Warner Records and Rough Trade providing artwork for bands such as The Horrors, The Veils and Keane.
Currently, he is working on his own illustrated picture books which he hopes will soon find publication.
You can see more of his incredible work at
Also, there will be an exhibition of David’s animation frames from The Horrors video ‘She is the New Thing’ shown as part of the Edinburgh Film Festival sometime in June 2008.Dont miss it!

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Blackcape by Curt Sibling

Heres a superb version of Kevin Kevin a.k.a Kreepy Krawlie drawn by the insanely talented and all round tob bloke Curt Sibling.Curts bio goes like this;

"Curt Sibling makes attempts at cartoon illustration. His comic focus is on fantasy and other idiocy.
He has worked on various past projects, and has helped far bigger and better creators in the past.
He is about to unleash his own comic joke upon the world, called Total Fear. Avoid it!"

Sele effacing as ever. Dont believe a word of it. As well as contributing to the upcoming WASTED,Ceiran has also worked on the current JEKYLL AND HYDE graphic novel by Alan Grant,Cam Kennedy and Jamie Grant.

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Blackcape by Iain Laurie

Yeah, its probably a cheat me doing one, but I finished this sketch earlier and thought Id throw it up.As for what I'm up to..umm..well Im marvelling at Derek Dows incredible colours for Blackcape 1 and 2 for WASTED issue 1.Blackcape 3 is done,Blackcape 4 is demanding to be inked and im working on MEKAWARE and SHOCK MADIGAN with Fraser and OMNISCIENT ZORGO with Craig Collins. Hopefully some snippets of these soon.

Blackcape by Fraser Campbell

Heres Blackcape as rendered by the strips writer Fraser Campbell.As well as writing Blackcape, Fraser has another couple of projects brewing away in that diseased,fertile imagination of his.As well as continuing to write BLACKCAPE for WASTED, he has contributed GRAVEYARD BELLE to Accents upcoming WESTERN anthology,and is working away on a new project called MEKAWARE(more on that soon).He continues to work with writer Tom Brogan on the live sketch comedy show YOU OWE ME GLUE.